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When Vurger Guyz caters, we bring our absolute best so let the fiesta begin! Our vegan tacos are an all around favorite cuisine option when it comes to finger food. The Carnitas and/or Street Tacos come with fresh guacamole, plant-based meats, pico de gallo, any of our famous Vurger Sauces and your choice of flour Or corn tortillas. There is nothing better than tacos for feeding a variety of guests as they mingle and stroll around.


We know how holiday spendings can really add up. From gifts, to trips, to parties, you name it, these things pile on and can really put a damper on your fiesta time! To show you how much we care, we're offering up to $250 off when you book your catering needs within 90 days with us here at Vurger Guyz. ‘Tis the season of giving after all! 

Big Plans, Big Savings

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